I’d happily give it 5 stars

“As a professional massage therapist I’m always keeping an eye out for the greatest and newest devices, modalities, oils, lotions, etc. Naturally when I learned about CBD oil I had to jump on the bandwagon… Most of the commercially available lotions/oils are low concentrations and do not fulfill their promises. I pretty much gave up on CBD oils until introduced to {CBDelightful} Wow! What a difference! The oil has a high concentration yet the aroma is not overwhelming. Easily applicable and slippery but not greasy and yet I still can maintain total traction control. It deeply penetrates and within minutes it warms up the tissues… I’m really happy with this product. I’d happily give it 5 stars.”

I am so happy to have full spectrum product I can trust

“I am an MS patient that has been using Asheville Extracts CBD tincture for the last 6 months for both inflammation reduction and mood stabilizing. I am so happy to have full spectrum product I can trust and notice the effects of. It’s hard to measure inflammation reduction, but I notice my body feeling better when I use it consistently daily! I also struggle with anxiety over my condition and taking 50ml every morning helps me sail through my day in a calmer and better mood and handle my stressful job with grace”

CBDelightful is hands down my favorite!

“After trying our countless lubes over the course of my sex life, CBDelightful is hands down my favorite! My partner and I use massage as foreplay and this product doubles as a personal lubricant and massage oil. Perfect! I thoroughly enjoy the texture, the hemp scent and how it mixes with our natural pheromones. I am so relieved to have found a lube that is all natural and safe to use on my skin and intimate areas. I feel relief that i am finally using a using a product with ingredients I recognize, can pronounce and know are health promoting for my body”

I can’t thank you enough!

“The salve I bought at Glassroots is phenomenal! It has done wonders for my feet and I can’t thank you enough!”