CBD News

CBD & Chronic Pain

One of the completed medical studies that is often pointed to by CBD proponents is this famous 2008 study looking at CBD’s usage by chronic pain sufferers. The study concludes that CBD was “well tolerated” and holds “great promise” as an addition to a chronic pain management program.

A 2017 report concluded that there was substantial evidence that high-CBD cannabis-based products are effective for treating chronic pain. Another, separate study published in 2012 in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, suggests that CBD use can lessen both pain and inflammation.

CBD & Inflammation

Here’s yet another study published in a medical journal showing that CBD’s potentiation of glycine receptors led to relief of inflammatory pain. If CBD gains traction as a treatment for inflammation and/or arthritis, doctors won’t have to rely so heavily on naproxen and other current treatments that come with their own drawbacks and side effects.

Arthritis, which literally means inflammation of the joints, is another condition that CBD oil may be very effective for. Research published in 2016 in the European Journal of Pain found a dramatic reduction in inflammation and signs of pain, without adverse side effects in rats with arthritis after the animals were given a topical gel that contained CBD for four days.

CBD & Digestion

CBD has proven it also can help immensely as a digestive aid and digestive pain as well. Researchers have found evidence, as suggested in Cannabinoids for treating inflammatory bowel diseases: where are we and where do we go? that the endocannabinoid system, digestion and CBD have all sorts of interactions. While research involving CBD to treat digestive issues is still in its early beginnings, the experts believe it has the potential to help with all sorts of digestive issues which often come with pain.

CBD & Sleep/Anxiety

CBD “may hold benefit for anxiety related disorders” according to a newly published study.

High CBD doses (160 – 600 mg) have been reported to act like a direct sedative, making it easier to fall and stay asleep.

CBD & Cancer Treatment Relief

CBD may hold promise as both an agent of cancerous tumor reduction as well as a treatment for pain associated with the main ways we currently treat cancer. In fact, the National Cancer Institute is trying to raise awareness of CBD’s potential usefulness in helping patients deal with adverse effects of chemotherapy.

CBD & Multiple Sclerosis

CBD was found to be “effective, with no evidence of tolerance” in a role as a palliative agent for multiple sclerosis pain in this 2007 study. That’s an incredible ray of hope for MS patients looking for alternative options beyond the usual slate of pharmaceutical painkillers.